Morningside Heights

Whatever the discipline studied, most students graduate and undergraduate are grouped on a single campus, since that was the trend in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, during the presidency of Seth Low particular. The campus was designed by three renowned architects (McKim, Mead, and White) and is regarded as one of their most notable achievements.

columbia university campus

Columbia’s main campus occupies more than six blocks from New York, it covers about 132 000 m 2 in Morningside Heights , an area between the Upper West Side and parts of Harlem , there are many educational institutions. Columbia has more than 7,000 apartments in Morningside Heights where staying academics, graduate students and university staff.
The addition of new buildings has often been possible at the cost of very contentious debate. However, opponents of the expansion of the campus have developed some arguments beyond the simple question of the architecture of the campus and often for the administration of the university.
It was for example the case of Uris Hall, built in the year 1960 behind Low Library, as the latest Lerner Hall, a structure deconstructivist completed in 1998 and supervised by the Dean of Architecture at Columbia at the time, Berbard Tschumi. Similar debates are reproduced in the current problem of the expansion in Manhattanville campus, a few blocks above the main campus.
The 25 libraries of Columbia contain more than 8 million volumes. The interest of the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library is special, because it is the largest library of architecture in the United States , and perhaps even the world. This library contains nearly half a million pounds, mostly only available on site. The library has embarked on the creation of an index of architectural publications, and the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals is now a world reference for finding information on architecture in the periodical literature. The Avery index is extraordinarily comprehensive publications dating from the 1930s to the present day but the resources are more limited for earlier periods.

Other campus

For medical courses, the Columbia University Medical Center is located in the neighborhood of Washington Heights, fifty blocks above. The Baker Field is also a property of Columbia University: there are sports fields, running tracks, tennis courts and you can even rowing on the northern tip of Manhattan , in the district of Inwood. A third campus on the west bank of the Hudson River (the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, in the State of New York), and even a fourth as the Nebis Laboratories are located in Irvington, always in ‘ New York State . Columbia University is also present in Paris with Reid Hall, a center of learning in a small mansion, rue de Chevreuse