If your dream is to become a lawyer but do not have the time to attend classes, do not worry !! And ‘in fact coming to the University of Rome (in the academic year 2013/2014), a Master of Science “single-cycle” Habitable spaces in online Degree! This distance training is established in agreement with the Consortium Anytime Wisdom, which was founded in 2010 to promote the right to higher education while also allowing those who cannot attend school the teaching activities to be able to obtain a degree.


Do not be wary! This online Master of Science in Law of Wisdom is practically the same as the traditional one: the curriculum of the two courses is the same and examinations and discussions of the thesis will be held on the same dates and the same premises. The only difference, of course, will cover the methods for the class: instead of in the classroom … ..saran no provided in “tele-education”. As far as the ‘ entry to the Master of Science in Law online, you are required to pay an annual contribution of € 1,600 (this amount will remain unchanged for all five years of the course), which will be paid in two installments of 800 Euros each, at such intervals as shall be disclosed annually in the Manifesto General for Research . As mentioned above, the amount of the fee is fixed, regardless of the ISEE income declared by the student. The deadline for submission is scheduled for next September 9, 2013. However, each of the students will then be required to take a placement test to check the level of knowledge that will take place September 17. However, the evidence will be common to both courses (in the presence and tele-teaching) and will be based on 20 questions in Italian Language, History and Culture 20 Generals and as many of Civic Education. However, the result of the admission test will not affect the possibility of registration, but will only determine whether or not there is the need to allocate additional educational (OFA) to the student.