Interviewing for a new job is a scary process. You want your potential new employer to like you for who you are, but you don’t want to do anything to turn him or her off. Here are some common job interview mistakes that you can make during a job interview and some suggestions for avoiding them.

Poor dress and appearance: You only have one shot at making a good impression, and this is the first time you meet a potential new employer. Dress to impress. You don’t have to go out and buy a new suit or dress for the interview, but make sure what you pick to wear is appropriate. Conservative colors and styles are always safe bets. Dress slacks and a dress shirt for guys and a tie if you have it. Depending on the type of job you might want to throw on a sports coat too. For ladies a conservative dress likes skirt, blouse, sweater, or a nice pantsuit in a conservative color. Make sure the skirt hits the knee or lower. Use restraint when selecting accessories. And I would advise not to use cologne. If you have visible body piercings remove them, and cover your tattoos if you are able to do so.

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Bad manners: Stand up when you meet the interviewer, shake his or her hand and look them in the eye. Be kind and polite to everyone you meet and send a thank you note to all who interviewed you that day. Don’t arrive too early, and don’t arrive late either.

Lack of preparation: You can do a quick search on Google (or on this site) and find some common interview questions and how to answer them. Take some time and research the company. Look on Yahoo! Finance if it is a bigger company, or check their website for information.

Bringing up money: The first interview is a get to know you time, not a time to negotiate a salary. If you are out of work you are desperate to know what you will be paid, but your desperation will come across to the interviewer. Talk about your background and skills and the job and leave the salary and benefits questions for another time.

Being too casual about the job: If you want this job you need to come out and let the interviewer know. Tell him or her you think you are a good fit for the job and would like to work at the company. Ask them what the next step in the process will be to convey your interest.

With a bit of preparation you can avoid some of these common interview mistakes. Thanks a lot for reading my article. Hope those information will helpful for every one while facing interview.