You should have chosen your program (see Programs of the first cycle andavailability of programs and deadlines or graduate programs ) and consulted the admission requirements (see Requirements for admission to the first cycle andrequirements for admission to graduate above ).If you have not already, create your profile on Connect2Concordia. The information in your profile will be used to pre-fill the application form online. You will need to give personal information and your contact information, as well as indicating your program choice, your educational background and the courses you are taking now.You can also download documents supporting your application.Connect2Concordia offers an inbox through which you can contact our staff if you have questions about the application.

Concordia University

You can upload your documents online from the application, but the transcripts and test scores submitted online are unofficial. You should still send them to us because they allow us to begin processing your request.However, to complete your application for admission, official documents (and official translations) are required. Applicants must arrange for these documents to be sent directly by the institution the Centre of applications or Centre Birks Student Service.Many graduate programs require the University forms or additional hardware.Candidates have a responsibility to inquire about additional documents that may require them. Please contact the appropriate individual department offering your program to see if there are other requirements to be met. Find the contact person to be contacted by visiting the website of the Department(see the complete list of websites of departments), or by using the list of contacts in the School of Graduate Studies.

The last step is to pay the application fee of $ 100 for admission with a valid credit card (Visa or MasterCard).If you do not have access to a valid credit card, you can request an application form in PDF format from your inbox on Connect2Concordia. Once submitted your application online, you will receive a confirmation email containing an ID number to seven digits (if no email is sent to you, please call us at 514 848-2668 for verification. We will then send an e-mail number).

Students interested in the co-op must check the appropriate box on the application form online application (see above approaches that apply to the first cycle programs and graduate programs). It may be that the selected candidates are interviewed by the committee and appropriate coop they must provide a curriculum vitae and a letter explaining their interest in the program.All candidates for the co-op option of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science must submit a cover letter and resume with their application.

If you wish to subscribe to Education Centre Permanent, you must complete a registration form and indicate the quarter for which you are applying. You must then send it by mail, fax or in person.Some programs also require self-assessment forms or written placement tests.All costs related to the courses must be paid in full at time of registration.Enrollment periods for part-time courses are held four times per academic year.For each of these periods, there are:

-a “preregistration”, during which the registration forms can be faxed, mailed or delivered in person at the Centre;
-an evening of “Registration in person” (in Fall, winter and spring only);
-a “late entry” during which students must pay a late fee.

Remember that to your advantage to register as soon as possible. Some courses fill up quickly when the registration period begins.Registration for programs is intensive throughout the year, as long as there is space. The processing of entries shall be by order of arrival.You will receive confirmation of your registration by email. You will then be possible to check the status of your application and print the contract online registration from your portal MyConcordia.Please note that if you have not activated your netnom in the past, you should do before you get to your gate. The activation of your netnom only needs to be done once. You will find the menu of your Continuing Education portal all information concerning your registration.