Through personal interviews the academic needs of each student are assessed in order to provide an effective and actual response in response to its associated disability situation. Lets talk about Consulting and Technical Assistance to Students.

To do this unit has the following specific objectives:

Provide technical and human resources for the proper development of students with special educational needs associated with disability, during their academic stage. Provide information, advice and guidance on disability to the University Community. Ensure the integration of students with special educational needs associated with disability from project development, action programs and awareness campaigns aimed at the university community.
Develop and foster a learning path and aimed at the entire university community, with disability as a crosscutting issue. Promote the exchange of experiences, resources and information on disability. Improve measures, policies and legislation, to protect and promote the rights of people with disabilities.

technical assistance

Among its features are:

Service and manage the demands of students with disabilities, providing support resources necessary to ensure adequate academic performance while in college. Inform and advise the teaching and research staff and administration and services of partner needs presented by students with disabilities for comprehensive care. Request the necessary assistance from other agencies and government entities that address areas of performance which can benefit students with disabilities.

Promote collaboration with entities that are associated university students and, where appropriate, promote collaboration agreements corresponding order to meet their needs. Develop guidance documents and information on disability. Develop and promote training on disability in the university community. Actions to promote and develop a better understanding and awareness of people with disabilities, both within and outside the university community.

To this end, the University of Seville, offers its students, among others, the following resources:

1. Information, counseling and academic guidance.
2. Priority in group choice and turn to perform automatically, if stated in the assessment by the Technical Committee.
3. Support measures for the development of academic activity:
4. Student collaborator / a (support in making notes, accompanying movements, access to information, etc.).
5. Technical aids.
6. Carbonless notebooks.
7. Adaptations access (extension of font size, extra time, support staff, etc.)
8. Interpreter of Spanish Sign Language.
9. Special services in libraries.