In times of crisis we are made conscious of the importance of training. The training bonus by the Tripartite Foundation can provide this training.

“Check the ears of the wolf.” This is an expression that fits the current Spanish reality. The crisis has heightened the sense of need and makes more of a Spanish think of their training and what should have done when there was still time. The good news: If this is your way of thinking means that there is still time. The best way to train is when we are active. Everyone has heard about the training, but not everyone knows what it is. This article will attempt to clarify the basis for this type of training.

Tripartite Foundation

On Friday April 8 this year, the Council of Ministers approved the authorization of the Public Employment Service to grant 39 million euros to the Tripartite Foundation for Employment Training. What is the tripartite foundation and how it relates to the training? On its website, the Tripartite Foundation is defined as: “The Tripartite Foundation for Training in Employment, belonging to the State Public Sector is one of the organs that make up the organizational structure and institutional participation of the subsystem of vocational training for employment. Has tripartite and its board consists of the Public Administration and by business organizations and trade unions.


How to benefit from the funds managed by the Tripartite Foundation?

Any company can manage its own funds are allocated annually. This has only access to the website of the Tripartite Foundation and follow the steps outlined there is. From that moment, the same company may deal with the training of their workers, to communicate the beginning and end of training to the Tripartite Foundation and managing their bonuses through social insurance you pay each month to Social Security.

Another way to benefit from these funds is through the hundreds of training companies, large and small, that sell subsidized courses, or commonly known as “zero cost”. In this case, companies simply need to order to elect one or more of the training courses the company market and complete, sign and seal the documentation. From there, it will be the training company that is responsible for all the activity with the tripartite foundation. The contracting company should address only the credit for making the total cost of training in the social insurance payments through TC1.

course credits

What are the credits granted to companies? That depends on the number of employees of the company. Credits are awarded based on workers who were hired under the general scheme of Social Security during the year preceding the year in which it shall give the training. As an example, a company that had 1 worker last year and this year remain at this or another worker, have a total credit of 420 euros. What about courses that can be done? Also depends on who is in charge of training to teach. The Tripartite Foundation only makes it a condition that workers receive training that is relevant to their jobs, and not to forget that lifelong learning must serve to improve the skills of employees in their jobs.

If the same firm that itself is managed their bonuses, they will be those in charge of organizing the courses impart and make the agenda. Can also be outsourced. Thus the company can train its employees as.As an example, a course in customer service for its administration. If instead you choose to use a training company, will have a course catalog general themes, although divided by types of activities, among them choose the most appropriate courses. The delivery may be online , remotely or in person.