Actress Isabel Ros de Castro will teach a course of voice actors in Seville during April.

Scenic Sevilla have scheduled for next April, a course of vocal technique taught by actress Isabel Ros de Castro . As stated in the presentation of the training, the course has the following objective: ” We will know the resources of our body as an instrument, learn to train it to sound working professionally breathing, posture, broadcast, expansion and resonance of our voice. We will investigate in vocal possibilities of each, in search of various records, intensities, pitches, rhythms: the plasticity of our voice sustained by the sense of the word. We will serve as assimilated different dramatic texts, the action that integrates voice and body , mind and truth . ”


Isabel Ros

professional since 1999, Specialist Vocal Technique for actors and singers since 2001, Isabel Ros began studying Theatre and Interpretation at the School of comfort of Granada and became part of the company Procus, led by Francisco Ortuno, where he remained two years . His training continued in Stage which addressed the different learning areas of interpretation, body, dance, poetry, theater and voice. In addition, specialized in vocal technique with Lidia Garcia, whose teaching drank for five years.

He later did a Masters in Vocal Anatomy in the city of Madrid, and began studying music theory, choral singing and introduction to guitar and piano at the Conservatory of Granada. Currently a member of the Platform for artists in the performing arts “The Alighting”, now a separate room and training which provides a constant sample of theater performances, music and dance in the city of Granada.

Experience as a professional voice

Isabel Ros has taught Vocal Technique in different areas such as: the Center for New Creators Cristina Rota, the Platform for young artists Apeadero, or Mass Art leisure center based in Madrid. To his credit has experience offering to Lidia Garcia’s personal assistant in the formation of the School of Voice in Madrid, where he was also Assistant Professor in their courses for the Actors’ Union and an assistant professor in his final years to Scenic. Currently teaches at Malaga and Granada vocal technique independently of actors and singers, vocal therapy professional areas related to voice.

It also works in theater collective creation, collaboration with Eduardo Fuentes in its new draft reads aloud, and teaches theater workshops, adaptation and direction of works by children from infancy. Among his last works, the actress has collaborated and performed the voice guidance in assembling “Blood Wedding” directed by Jose Carlos Plaza to the Centro Andaluz de Teatro in 2010. His last performance was in the collective work of creation itself “SolosofĂ­a” for The Alighting, in Granada, during the summer of 2011.