Thousands of Spanish courses FPE being made before FPO. A few days ago the government took encouraging figures but were really true?

The figures give the Government on the results of the FPE courses were fabulous. They say ninety percent of the people doing vocational training courses for employment or prior occupational training courses, go to a job. Nothing beyond reality .

Are listed as suspended in job search

Little do they know the majority of Spanish is that when doing a course like this, the unemployed are suspended in your job search, do not have to renew your card is not on unemployment and monthly statistics of unemployed. So the nearly five million unemployed, we must add those who are doing such courses, a fact that if we consider far exceed those five million unemployed and would border almost six.


Many of the courses offered sixty percent of hiring

Many of these courses have committed to sixty of recruitment which results in a thread of hope for many of the unemployed who request them. Eventually they meet face to face with the cruel reality. Do not make these hires. Employers are required to hire nine out of fifteen, which is normal in a course like this, saved, and that’s the problem, that workers reject his fist and point the jobs available to them.

Every law has a loophole. Once completed the course will present a series of offers (and the sources are reliable enough to secure it) usually exceed the qualifications of candidates, thus no choice but to reject the offer. If a worker makes an installer and maintainer course of air conditioning equipment but the offer is required as a prerequisite to have a degree of FP2 is obvious that an employee who has made ​​a five hundred hour course is unfit for labor supply, with which sign a document that says rejected.

Who benefits?

Obviously the company doing the course is the main beneficiary. If sixty percent of the student employee does not come out and they have pledged to give the course, the awarding body courses (in Andalusia , the Board) will void the grant. Something that, in addition to losing the benefits to the delivery of courses would be irreversible economic loss, in addition to failing to provide more courses for years to come.

Do not cheat!

Well is it not recorded as unemployed, or is that make them sign a document that absurd addition was to doubt its legality, but above try to convince the public that ninety percent of the unemployed who do These courses come with a steady job seems embarrassing, and if above is announced with great fanfare in different media seems a mockery to those who are having really bad.