Sitting for too long reduces creativity. He discovered the Washington University at the end of a scientific study whose findings were published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. To give vent to their “genius” and give the best of themselves. species in their place of work, it is necessary to say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle and remain standing, especially during meetings.

Quite the opposite of the usual organizational model, which forces workers to spend hours and hours sitting behind a desk and provides meeting in which all guests are comfortable around a table, even for several hours. The result of this is, however, that the workers are more likely to get distracted, become more lethargic and not fully express their creativity.


If, however, you were standing up, things would change dramatically. Research conducted by the Washington University has emerged, in fact, that the standing position increases the concentration and the willingness to share ideas with colleagues and superiors. In short, it makes it easy to unleash creativity, a quality of the individual that is fully realized when stimulated by contact with others and the input they can offer.

The discovery of American researchers is the result of tests during which he was asked volunteers to work next to each other either standing or sitting, and through small sensors was measured their degree of “physiological arousal”. The conclusion that has been reached is that, if you stay seated for too long reduces creativity , companies “should design spaces for offices that facilitate the work of non-sedentary “, as explained by Andrew Knight, one of the authors of the study. The solution may be, then, to eliminate the chairs.

The idea that too much sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to the “genius”, however, is not entirely original. In the past they had already claimed two writers, Ernest Hemingway and Lewis Carroll, who have always preferred to work standing. And in light of that undertaken by the researchers, we can no longer consider it just a quirk.