Housing systems:

Deakin University offers a range of accommodation both inside and outside the campus for international students. Accommodation on campus in this sense, students can choose between the residences on campus in Waurn Ponds Geelong, the Warrnambool Campus and Melbourne Campus at Burwood. Rooms are single and equipped. There are common areas and shared bathrooms. The prices of these homes vary, but generally speaking we can say that range from AU $ 7000 and AU $ 8000 per year (prices 2006).

Deakin University

For complete information on this type of accommodation, the university has a comprehensive website that details its features and can take a virtual stroll. Especially important, if we are interested in residential placements is to be aware of deadlines for applications and documentation. The university also provides grants for accommodation, although applicants must be Australian citizens, have a permanent humanitarian visa or be a Commonwealth supported student (which receives financial support from this institution or is enrolled in a course that has the support of the Commonwealth).

Off-campus housing, off-campus housing is managed from the Accommodation Service ( Housing Service ) of the Deakin University Student Association (DUSA). They have a fairly comprehensive website where detailed information and contacts for those who choose this option. They also have online resource base for students seeking accommodation. It is interesting also because it provides data on the costs involved in each type of stay (bond supply) and other legal issues (contracts, documentation, expert assistance). The usual cost off-campus housing is usually between 100 and 200 Australian dollars (room only) per week. More information on cost of living in the section Finance .

International students also have specific services in support of organs available for college students. Usually, Deakin International picks up students at the airport and takes them to his temporary accommodation. Then they contact a DUSA assistant to help them find what they want.

International House:

This private residence operates in Melbourne and Toorak campus. Stay with family or home stay This option will provide an authentic cultural immersion, but only works on the campus of Melbourne and the Toorak. The price usually ranges between 200 and 220 Australian dollars a week (prices 2006).


Cost of living:

The cost of living will depend on several factors. First, the type of accommodation you choose (shared residence), the city where we live (usually less expensive small towns) and our own lifestyle. The university provides fairly detailed information on all aspects of the cost of living. In ” Can my wallet AFFORD it? ” (Do I what I can afford?) Are quite practical data on expenditures and financing options, although often in a national student thinking.

According to this document, a student to choose a campus residence required (excluding tuition fees) between 13000 and $ 15,000 Australians per course. Transportation and food are just over $ 1000 on average each one, using materials that involves more than 900. Spending if we live off campus is basically the same, because what we saved on accommodation we spend on transportation, supply costs and expenses (bonds, furniture). What it is substantially different from living in a city or another. Melbourne is the most expensive. Geelong and Warrnambool significant savings in transport and housing, everything.


The price for tuition and academic fees will depend on the study you choose, the type of program and scope of knowledge that falls. They are usually more expensive graduate studies and specific areas such as medicine, the environment and the Company. In general, undergraduate programs ranging from 15000 and the 20000 Australian dollars (rates 2006). Programs related to the environment are more expensive (around AU $ 23000). Finally, we must have health insurance and other additional costs that may occur.

Scholarships and grants:

Deakin University offers grants to eligible international students and reward academic merit of these. On the other hand, Deakin also offer student loans, but are typically designed for nationals.

Contact for students:

Deakin International is the office that is responsible for the care and support for international students at Deakin University. Its functions include both answer questions about access to the reception at the airport to the arrival of prospective students and finding temporary housing.

Its website provides information of all kinds for all those interested in joining at this Australian university, and provides useful data on housing, financial matters, scholarships, English language courses for students already enrolled assistance, transportation, telephone. For more information, we recommend contacting Deakin International directly through the contact form or its website.