Just before the fate of the government scurrying Letta, the Minister of Education, University and Research, Maria Chiara Carrozza , signed the new version of the decree on the three-year program at the University for the period 2013-2015 . The ministerial decree sets out some key points for the period to which it refers: the inability to open new public universities, stop the creation of more universities telematics and reform of the financing system, with funds that from now on they will be commensurate to the efforts made ​​by each university for expenditure restraint “useless”, the improvement of services, and improving the quality of training.

In essence, the decree on the 2013-2015 three-year program at the University determines that the existing public universities can not be joined by new ones, but that, eventually, could be proposed only of mergers between universities – like the one that led to the creation of ‘University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – or forms of “federation” between multiple institutions. In both cases, this would have advantages in terms of funding.


A closely similar is, however, already widely announced , on -line universities for some time under the magnifying glass of the ministry in the three-year period, the number of online universities recognized by the Ministry of Education can not grow. As for the creation of private universities , however, the decree on the three-year plan 2013-2015 University provides that there is a strict control by the ministry before authorization is granted.

But the most important news of the decree on the three-year program of the University 2013-2015 about the award of state funding . The allocation of funds from now on will reward those universities that will be able to optimize the use of resources, getting rid of some “ballast” as degree programs with few members, those that do not offer real job opportunities and those in the seats decentralized. In addition, will be valued universities who get involved in the improvement of services for students and promote territorial integration with research centers.

The decree on the three-year plan 2013-2015 University also provides incentives for universities that will aim to ‘ internationalization, attracting teachers from abroad and increasing the supply teaching in a foreign language. And in the distribution of resources will also count the quality of services of orientation , both incoming and outgoing calls in progress. Finally, to put a stop to the scandals for rigged competitions , the decree on the three-year plan 2013-2015 University states that there will be bonus for those universities which will provide the majority shareholder of external teachers in the committees.

Now the ball passes to the universities, who will have 45 days to present its programming for the three-year period, according to which the Ministry will decide to what extent to grant incentives, which can amount to more than 2.5 per cent of the total ordinary Fund for the single university. In the meantime, however, remains to be seen how the government will affect the fate of the measures taken.