The Master of Business Administration degree is designed to train students with a managerial profile able to find a good place in the world of work, preferably with a cut and entrepreneurial management. A degree in Business Administration allows you to mature ability to manage efficiently and effectively the company’s resources with high skills-oriented problem solving. In particular, we depth issues related to the management of companies and institutions in general economic significance. Skills during the years of the Degree in Business are acquired mainly through team work and role-playing. In general, discusses the economic problems and management including legal problems, the techniques of management of the companies, soft skills and managerial skills.

Training and access requirements

The prime matter of the degree course in Business Administration is precisely the ‘ business economy . A discipline that studies are backed by private law, mathematics, statistics and economics. Technological means is a key element in the privileged means by which graduates will be approaching during the course and in the professional world. The student is often given the opportunity to supplement his education with additional activities such as seminars and internship company. It ‘better to have good maths skills before undertaking the Master of Science in Business Administration.


Career opportunities

The Degree in Business offers the opportunity to enter the labor market or embarking on a managerial career in management consulting in the international arena. In particular, the input areas for those who obtained a degree in Business are the marketing and the commercial sector, or the administration of finance and control and management of human resources. Many companies require a degree in Business also to organize and manage the production and logistics especially in supermarkets.

Where to take a degree in Business Administration

The faculties that offer a course of study in Business Administration are many and well distributed throughout the country. Among the cities that offer this degree program are Bari , Bologna , Florence , Venice. The Bocconi University offers a course specifically oriented management, and the Free University of Maria SS. Assumption of Milan offers a course specifically oriented towards the banking profession.