The choice of the right to attend is an important moment in the life of every student. Among the wide range of offers are most popular, and other faculties which are proving less successful, but many do not know that they exist in their own right that can offer some excellent prospects for the future.

Among these is part of the Faculty of Chemistry, who, unbeknownst to many, is one that offers more possibilities. There is some evidence of Nonindustrial seems that 90% of chemistry graduates find a job in less than 3 years after graduation and, above all, it is a class that knows no insecurity, because, in the majority of cases (about 95%) , it works indefinitely. In a moment of crisis, such as we are experiencing, not everyone has the opportunity to work in the field in which they studied, also having a stability for the future.


In addition to these factors there are some benefits to the class of chemicals, which are not indifferent in a time when the labor market does not offer many opportunities: Regarding the board the situation is better than in other sectors, with a pension fund, that thanks to the membership, ensures a good seal in the future, is also expected to fund health care. In addition to these practical reasons, we must not forget the more general aspects that can work in favor of graduates in this faculty.

Chemistry is one of the most important industries in the world and is a prerequisite for the growth of our country. In Italy, however, until now the science is not particularly valued in the school system, so that only a small proportion of students reaches the end of high school having completed a course in chemistry. For this reason, perhaps, until a few years ago the members of this option were among minors in Europe: the “lowest level” was reached in 2000 with a total of just over a thousand members of units, while today it is reached a total of 3000 members. Overall, then, the chemistry is right now a good way for a future career fulfilling, safe, high-profile and, why not, useful for the progress of our country.