The degree in Communication Science is a modern degree (born thirty years ago, has spread to almost all universities for about ten years) very popular in recent times and is very diverse in the availability and career opportunities. The degree in Communication Sciences in fact offers various branches and specializations. Precisely for this reason, a degree in Communication Sciences is represented in different faculties, from Foreign Languages ​​and Literature (Intercultural Communication or Communication Language) in Arts (Communication for the show), in Communication and Public Relations, specialization of the university private Iulm Milan , until you get to the actual faculty of Communication Sciences.


Studies in Communication include examinations of the scope sociological, literary and linguistic. Is frequently highlighted the area of information media and often a degree in Communication Sciences also deepens economic matters mainly related to marketing. The ‘ University of Modena and Reggio Emilia , for example, between the courses of the Faculty of Communication Sciences (communication, economics and information) proposes one right in Marketing and business organization .

The degree in Communication Studies is open to all who have a diploma five years and, due to its characteristic of heterogeneity, may be subject to any type of primary education. The various degree programs in Communication Sciences does not provide by law for the number closed, but almost all Italian universities themselves decide to enter it. So those who want to enroll in a master’s degree in Communication Sciences will have to prepare on topics of current affairs and general knowledge and knowledge of the English language .

There are many professional activities in which he prepares his degree in Communication Science: in charge of communication and public relations , an expert of multimedia and ‘ distance education as well as several roles in publishing companies and advertising agencies . For a degree in Marketing and business organization there are good chances of career opportunities in the field of advertising and marketing in private companies including multinationals.