The degree in Communications Engineering , also known as Telecommunications Engineering , aims to train technicians specialized in the design, production and maintenance of telecommunications systems . Elements with which the graduates in Communications Engineering nonappearance are devices that allow the remote communications such as antennas, signal boosters, computer systems etc. In particular, will be the design of terminals which allow a great variety of forms of communication in particular telematics to make a pivot to the course of study.

The joints with which he presents the world of communications are digital transmission systems, telematics and multimedia systems, telecommunication networks, satellite links, mobile radio, remote sensing, data processing, optical systems and microwave, all topics addressed by those who are preparing to choose a degree in Communications Engineering. The engineer will provide the tools and solutions needed to identify the ‘ modernization of enterprises exploiting the ‘ technological innovation to develop means of ad hoc communication.

a photo of a satellite dish

Study courses and entry requirements

For those who wish to earn a degree in Communications Engineering is recommended to have a good knowledge and interest for science subjects such as mathematics and physics that are the basis of the course. Materials you will face during the studies will be computer science, electronics, telecommunications and electromagnetism . I am privileged so the theory and experimentation with direct laboratory or field through internships .

Job Prospects

The professional opportunities for the graduate in Communications Engineering are related to the production, design and management of telecommunication systems as well as technical assistance and trade. In particular, companies that design and prepare the production of technological equipment required for communication to require skilled graduates in this area. Enterprises, but also large telecommunications companies invest in the professional degree in Communications Engineering to develop solutions for the integration of computer networks required for sending and processing of the data sent. But still the graduates in this course may find employment in areas related to the production of biomedical devices, remote surveillance, detection and control.

Where to get a degree in Communications Engineering

The branch of telecommunications is well covered by the universities offering degrees in Communications Engineering from north to south. Among the cities that are home to the faculties of engineering in which it is possible to study Communications Engineering stand Naples , Milan (first of all the Polytechnic), Turin, Genoa and Rome (Tor Vergata) for the possibility of prosecution offered even after the three-year degree.