The Master of Science in Business and Economics aims to train experts, managers and operators with in-depth skills on issues of economic systems, companies, organizations with a multidisciplinary approach. The subjects dealt with to attain skills in the organization and management of economic systems with a large breath. A graduate in Economics and Commerce has appropriate quantitative methods and legal knowledge to be able to carry out consultancy or business to fill managerial roles in turn. The degree in Business and Economics has a strong tradition in both domestically and internationally guaranteeing excellent job opportunities.


Training and entry requirements

From the methodological point of view the graduate program in economics and business accompanied by a sound basic education to the deepening of what are the dynamics of the economic system developing skills to solve business problems by paying attention to the issue of law. The curriculum for a degree in Economics and Business provides a good study of economics and business administration. To enter the graduate program in economics and business, you must have a penchant for science and interest in economics and finance. The courses of study can be directed to the field of ‘ administration and management and control of the business or to trade often and in particular to foreign trade.

Career opportunities

After supporting a degree in Economics and Business, the graduate can find a place in the world of entrepreneurship with management and coordination functions or company as a consultant. How many finish a degree in Economics and Commerce at foreign address can aspire to work as experts in an international context. To become accountants, however, is necessary to support the state exam that allows affiliation to the ‘ Order of accountants and accounting experts .

Where to take an undergraduate degree in Economics and Business

There are many cities that host faculty of economics that organize courses degree in Economics and Commerce. They have a good tradition of economic studies Milan , Venice , Parma , Padua , Bologna and Rome .