He sold lighters near the university, and is now a graduate in Engineering : From Turin comes the beautiful story of Rachid. A presence very known to many students of the New Palace, home of the humanities faculty of the University of Piedmont, that of the young born in Morocco and emigrated to Italy for many years, super fan of Taurus.

Rachid Khadiri Abdelmoula arrived in Italy to 11 years, after 1400 km by car, from Morocco via Gibraltar, Spain and France. Now 26 years old and, after graduating from computer expert, now is a graduate in Civil Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin, with a thesis entitled The geographer and its potential.


Just proclaimed, Rachid has embraced his brothers and Abdul Sahid, clutching a copy of his work, which he dedicated to his father, who died a few years ago. Completed the graduation ceremony, however, Rachid immediately put away the complete sleek sported before the Committee (“a gift of two friends,” said excited to La Repubblica ) and returned to clothing with which many of the students of the humanities ‘University of Turin who knew him: jeans and sweatshirt del Toro , his favorite team.

To return to sell lighters, bracelets and handkerchiefs in Via Po, near New Palace . Just as it has always done before graduation in Engineering, while carrying out those studies so encouraged by the brothers and of which very few were aware of. To leave the job for now not talked about: better to wait to find a place part-time in a study of engineers, to continue with my master’s degree, says Rachid, and find a job in Italy, Morocco or wherever.

For a degree in Engineering, the young salesman lighters thanks especially his brothers , which allowed him to come away from Houri (Morocco) to land in Italy, and to acclimate, learn the language, the diploma and then continue their studies to become ‘doctor’. And then there are many Turin who helped him over the years financially or with valuable advice. And for the many friends, Rachid decided to celebrate graduation with a Moroccan dinner .