The degree in Industrial Engineering and Management trains professionals with high technical and scientific skills useful for managing financial and technological . In addition to the graduate management tasks in engineering management has a high capacity business consulting capacity to respond to cross-cutting needs. During his degree in Industrial Engineering and Management discusses the problems of management and organization company providing high capacity and resolution tools. Among the fields of interest of those who want to study Management Engineering are the analysis and management of business processes. The approach offered by the universities is a multidisciplinary company with a strong focus on the economy.

Study courses and entry requirements

The ‘ business administration is the prime matter of the course ‘s degree in Engineering Management. The mathematics and science form the basis of the studies and why it is good to have acquired over the years a good preparation for high school students in these disciplines. Particular emphasis will be placed also in the development of technological and managerial capacity necessary to address pragmatic issues that may affect the company’s system developing effective responses. Unlike a course of degree in Economics and Business Engineering management is somewhat more focused all ‘ operation .


All disciplines addressed, often by analyzing case studies are oriented to form an expert in the design and management of production and logistic systems, in strategic planning with emphasis on technology and innovation, management, and financial aspects of the market. Are the organization’s management and business administration, economics, planning and management of technology and innovation to serve as the cornerstones of disciplines addressed. To finish with studies of both economy that finance are given importance in the processes of internationalization, management control, finance “corporate”, planning and management of major projects and the management of information technology and communication.

Job Prospects

The position in the labor market for those who obtained a degree in Industrial Engineering has a high breath. Companies that require more professional graduate are industry, business services, public administration and the financial world in general. As a freelancer, the student who obtained a degree in Management Engineering works as a business consultant . According to Istat survey of 2004, “89% of graduates find a permanent job within three years after graduation, placing the right at the top for job opportunities.

Where a degree in Management Engineering

The universities in which to obtain a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management are among the many the Polytechnic of Milan, Bologna, Padua, Vicenza, Palermo , Pisa , Rome and Turin . It ‘worth noting that the’ University of Naples has launched degree programs in engineering management of projects and infrastructure and logistics and production that meets the demand of those who prefer to focus on specific areas.