To obtain a law degree you can subscribe to one of the numerous faculties of Law present in almost all Italian universities. The law degree is designed to train judges, lawyers, notaries and legal experts. The law degree is in one cycle in all universities, then the model does not presuppose three plus two. Many universities also offer other courses such as Bachelor and Master in Jurist business and public administration , present for example in Bologna, Catanzaro, Messing , which aims to prepare counsel for companies, institutions, law offices or commercial .


A degree in Law and the Legal Advisor in business and public administrations are the sole property of the Faculty of Law of the universities. The degree Master’s course is characterized by similar training between university and university. The graduates of the degree course in Law of any university must learn to better the different legal and legislative codes but also enhance and deepen their dialectic and the language of the legal sector . Among the tests common to all undergraduate public law, private law, constitutional law, European Union law, English law. Degree courses in Legal services for the enterprise and public administrations will also study issues relating to the economy of enterprises and administrations and issues related to the field of commercial contracts, budgets, personnel management and banking and insurance sectors .

To access a degree in Law and all other courses in the faculty must be in possession of a high school diploma. Usually the degree courses in Law does not require an entrance test selective, but some universities organize entrance test evaluation (verification tests of the initial knowledge) with any consequent remedial classes.

The degree in Law allows to enroll in schools of specialization for access to the professions of judge, lawyer and notary public and also to the administration of schools like those in other studies on public administration. To become a lawyer or judge, after graduating in Law is necessary to fulfill two years of legal experience in a law firm (for those who have already attended the graduate school of the period is reduced to one year). After practice you can perform the ‘ bar exam to enter the professional.