After sight, the sense most used is certainly hearing. And you can learn a lot by listening. Hearing is a form of memory often underestimated, but if it is trained and developed effectively can be very useful: especially for students who every day have to learn and remember a lot of information. Generally, the auditory memory is considered a good dowry in the field of communication, because it allows us to give instant feedback letting us participate and look interested in the conversation or debate. Audio memory lets you capture the information we receive orally, rework, secure them in our minds and remember this information whenever we need it. So who has a good auditory memory, will not find it hard to remember the lessons explained in the classroom by the teacher. Those who fail to exploit this capacity, he will be forced to study twice as long to learn what needs! For the purposes of a study effectively, will be essential to train your auditory memory, so as to strengthen their memorization techniques, improving and speeding up your study method. Now let’s see some useful advice to “train” the auditory memory.

auditory memory

A good way to learn through hearing is to focus its attention on the voice of someone who is speaking to us. As we know, each individual corresponds to a voice different, a particular cadence or inflection. To train the auditory memory, then we must focus on how to talk of interlocutors to recognize and recall information more easily that the person you have communicated in a particular context. Another important method of developing auditory memory (but should not be a novelty!) Is to repeat aloud what you are studying. This is because listening to you, will stimulate your brain to store information quickly through the hearing. This exercise has a dual benefit: you will perfect your method of study and will help you become a good listener. Usually, however, people with a good auditory memory can be recognized by the ease with which recall the lyrics of the songs after hearing them only a few times.

So to train your auditory memory, whenever that comes out a song you like, listen to it several times and separateness text. It ‘a fun exercise, but it is also useful to keep away the stress! Now we come to what I personally prefer: watch (and listen) documentaries historical, scientific, etc.. These, in addition to being instructive, allow us to store a lot of information using both the visual and the auditory canal. I recommend guarded as possible and then talk to someone about what you saw. Even though it seems, it is a very useful exercise. Will permit you to associate with the natural habit of exploiting the photographic memory … quella using auditory memory.

Finally, I recommend you take advantage of every opportunity to strengthen and “work” with the hearing. Participate in study groups, brainstorm with your friends or your parents on important issues, listen to the radio, concentrate on the sounds of nature etc. Remember that if “potentiometer” hearing, you will test your ability to use this way to remember things that interest you, and do not forget the most.