Many French students wishing to go to study abroad but worried about the cost of such a project. Going to study abroad can be an investment, and you’ll quickly be brought to seek outside help. The good news is that the majority of countries and universities around the world offer scholarships to international students. The bad is that the majority of them target specific profiles, a particular level of education, or the best students only. The competition will be more or less severe depending on your needs, but financial aid exist! you to make a maximum of research to ensure the achievement of one of them, or even several. And they’re pretty good, we are here to help you by presenting the different types of scholarships abroad available.


The different types of scholarships

It is necessary to distinguish between the possibilities of scholarships that are available. This will allow you to better focus your searches and your expectations. Scholarships Complete or “Full Scholarship” Education: The most interesting solution because it offers full coverage of tuition fees as well as partial or total coverage the cost of living once there. Mainly offered by universities, they are usually reserved for excellent student with a high academic level. Partial scholarships or “Part Scholarships” These scholarships can cover part of the cost of your study or living there. Financial assistance from the Erasmus program is an excellent example of a partial scholarship, but other solutions exist. Specific grants to a country: According to your place of education, local government and organizations related to higher education can offer or not financial aid programs for international students.

Specific scholarships nationality: France has more support for the international mobility, whether at national or regional level. Only French students can benefit! This also applies to EU aid , where only European citizenship provides access to financial support. Specific scholarships to your training: Some scholarships are only for artists, engineers, researchers, or still young entrepreneurs. For you to search for scholarship programs related to your curriculum and your vocation. scholarships to athletes: Very common in North America , sports scholarships allow students practicing a sport at a high level to receive funding for their studies. It is therefore often and appreciated!