The DASA is a registration system for foreign students to enroll in universities India. DASA also ensures each institution of higher education in India as a percentage of seats allocated to foreign students. To begin the process, please visit the official website of DASA. The site is entirely in English, since you go to learn English or the local language, it’s a good start! Here are the steps and explanations of registration via the DASA. You can also access the registration information provided by the organization in English.

Create an online account on the website of DASA:

Creating an online account is free and allows you to identify it later on the site to be able to apply to different universities, and create your online account. Fill the various fields requested, user, email, password, and enter the CAPTCHA. An email will be sent containing your ID as an applicant, keep well, this is what identifies you to the Indian education!


Complete your online application:

The achievement of your online is divided into several steps to make things easier: First upload your photo ID, then refill personal information, even those that had been indicated to the creation of the account. Then enter your address in France and in India that if you have one. The next step is then to get different information from your passport.

The next step directly affects your academic record. You are required to take the GRE for the GMAT Undergraduate or Postgraduate level to a level to determine your overall level and are located more easily compared to other students. These tests are to be prepared several weeks in advance, and are therefore to be taken seriously.
Go then all the information about your diplomas and acquired notes. You will probably be prompted again to sent sworn official translations of your diplomas. The next step is your eligibility in the various courses in Indian universities, as a student you are applying in the French 3 rd class.

The payment should be made ​​online and then come the choices of courses and institutions. You can choose up to 30 different institutions. To ensure that the training you are applying for you, do not hesitate to check on the site of each university. In step “Review”, make sure that all information is correct and confirm all. You must download your file and send it to DASA before June 30 of each year, if you wish to apply for the following year.