* China’s five major points:
* Located in the East Asia
* The most spoken language is Mandarin (Chinese)
* The local currency is the Yuan whose current price is 1 euro = 9.7 yuan
* Its area is 9,561,000 km ² or 29 times France
* It is the third largest country in the world

China is currently one of the emerging powers and a major player in the economy of tomorrow . She is growing worthy of the thirty glorious. Faced with the rise of its international power, the question of learning Mandarin begins to arise , it could indeed be an excellent opportunity for our career. But we first dwell a little on the characteristics of China.

China, discover a country very different from the European culture:

East Asia, with an area of 9,561,000 km2, it is the third largest country in the world. Its capital is Beijing (Beijing), while its current population is 1.4 billion, making it the most populous country. The current currency is the Yuan or Renminbi, the current value is 1 euro = 07.09 yuan. At the economic level, China is known for its dictatorship and its people under constant surveillance, but also its low wages that cause the relocation of factories in Europe, although they are gradually catching up wages in developed countries. way a worker win around 450 euros in the capital or major cities, while workers located inland and rural win up to 6 times less . Development of the country is still very uneven across regions.


It has an entirely different culture from ours that requires some adjustment and some preparation before departure. This is an extremely interesting place to visit which can you learn lot, and historical sites abound among the many temples really impressive, a passage from the Buddhist monks and their fighting art and entertainment, Taoist temples, which still Great Wall of China traveling around the country. You can also look at the art of tea and its ceremony, as well as various dishes only found in China.

On the university system, it is constantly increasing, many reforms are underway and aimed at improving the quality of higher education. plans to classify state in 2025, some of these universities on the first places in the world and intends to empower . Study in China can be a good investment for the future, Chinese universities are potentially the most famous in thirty years!