Sets the era of PhD traditional. 2014 will be characterized by the fact that one of the new Education Minister wants to introduce in Italian universities: the innovative doctoral courses designed by the university in collaboration with other partners in the region, including first and foremost companies and research centers. Because the design of the Minister may be realized concretely and completely, however, we must wait for approval by the CIPE of the National Plan for Research (NRP) 2014-2020.

Doctorates in partnership with the companies covered by actions planned by the European Union for research. To make them innovative is the international dimension and cross – bridges between the public and private reality and interdisciplinary. The new doctoral programs aim to combine as much as possible the high research university with the production system, offering training “active”, with more than half of study and research to be carried out outside of the universities.


The hope is to make it more usable in the labor market a title that has so far not considered (especially in terms of pay) and serves, in most cases, more as a springboard for those who dream of a career within the universities, than for those who hope to enter into business. The courses conducted in collaboration with the local production, however, are expected to enhance the skills of PhDs, doctors for the benefit of themselves and the competitiveness of companies in terms of innovation .

However, it remains a problem to solve. For the moment the minister coach is still looking for the necessary funds, the 50 million euro that the Ministry of Education has asked for the activation of more than one thousand new doctorates in 2014. And that will add up to the 5 necessary for the ban for the return to Italy of 24 brain drain abroad, and 7 of the Call “Future research” to strengthen the autonomy of researchers and scientists.

That is why, from the parts of the government and the ministry, waiting for approval of the NRP, which will establish the priorities, objectives and budget allocations the State and the partners involved in the various projects – for the Italian research until 2020, it is really hectic. The draft is ready, and expects the green light in early January by the CIPE, the Inter ministerial Committee for Economic Planning.

Moreover, the Italian research challenges out there, the European program Horizon 2020 initiative that has set very challenging targets. Another reason why the minister points strongly to its revival, starting with the new PhD in partnership with the companies.