Constantly increasing the range of courses that allow you to achieve a double online degree . More and more young graduates choose the way abroad: according to ISTAT, 10,600 were to leave Italy only in 2012, an increase compared to 8,200 in 2010, by almost 30 percent. To escape from unemployment, or to open up to international scope, in each case an overseas experience is very valuable for your resume, and many universities are adapting giving its students the opportunity, thanks to international agreements between universities, to obtain a valid qualification both in our country and in the university’s agreement.

Those who venture to obtain a second online degree are integrated courses with foreign universities: the training is designed together, and includes long periods of mobility . At the end of the course the partner universities release two (or in some cases even more) titles, one for each university involved, or a single joint degree, recognized by all partner universities. In Italy there are now 47 universities that offer the possibility of achieving a second degree, for a total of 335 courses of study, for most of the second level. The various partnerships involving 52 countries and, according to data de Il Sole 24 Ore , 925 are in all the securities that may be issued.


Among the various universities, the one that offers more courses that provide dual degree is the Polytechnic of Milan , with 41 courses and 348 different options, which also offers a remarkable selection of partner countries. In second place is the Polytechnic University of Turin , while the Law Economics or more offers are those of Milan’s face downwards University and the Roman LUISS . But even the smaller university realities are gearing up.

The partner universities? Not only Europe – England, France, Spain, Germany and Eastern Europe – but also those areas of the world currently in development greater: they are in fact growing more and more collaborations with universities in the so-called BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China ). To attend these courses is essential to the advanced knowledge of English (which takes place in the majority of cases the teaching), and sometimes also of that of the country of destination.

The training process involves a study plan agreed between the partner universities, courses and exams in Italy, and then from six months to over a year of study abroad. At the end of the path, a ‘ unique argument and the double degree. For those who wish to take one of these courses is also possible to get scholarships or coverage of expenses for board and lodging due to the various programs of mobility Inter, although the first choice is still good to consider their ability to pay.