If you are currently working as a teacher, but do not have a graduate degree, you may have thought about pursuing an advanced degree. There are many reasons for doing this, and the following are only three of the advantages of earning a master’s degree in your career as a teacher.

More money in your paycheck 

This is somewhat obvious, but it may not be as concrete in your mind as you may think. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a teacher with a master’s degree will earn, on average, between $7300 and $7500 more a year, depending upon the grade level being taught. Of course, these are averages, and the actual numbers will vary depending upon the number of years you have worked as a teacher as well as the region of the country you are working in.

Man using computer for video call

Man using computer for video call

To become a better teacher

Earning a graduate degree leads to a better understanding of teaching, and this, in turn, will make you a more effective and productive teacher. In addition, by pursuing an advanced degree you will learn the latest research in teaching and learning. You will be able to apply the most advance teaching concepts to your students. With greater knowledge of teaching, you will be able to adapt your methods to the needs of individual students and give them the benefit of your advanced teaching knowledge. 

To obtain leadership positions in education

There are many jobs within the field of teaching that can be found once you earn your master’s degree. One obvious example is that of a principal of a school, but vice-principals often have a master’s degree as well. High level positions in school districts are available to those with a graduate degree, including that of superintendent. Within a particular school, department leadership positions often exist for those with a graduate degree.

The reasons listed above, to earn your master’s degree, are only scratching the surface, but even if you already have given this a lot of thought, the biggest problem is finding time to earn a graduate degree. There is a solution to this, and that is earning your degree online. In fact, there are online universities that specialize in offering instruction at your convenience and on your schedule, specifically tailored for the teacher wanting a graduate degree. There are several schools that offer an online teaching degree. One example can be found at teacher-degrees.com.