Whether it’s to secure a contract or to pitch an idea, business presentations are a necessity. But if you’re using the same resource layout, style and design time and time again, they can become very dull. Not only for you but for your audience too. Even if the subject matter isn’t exciting, effective resources can help to keep your audience focused and engaged. It will also ensure that the information you provide is retained and remembered by all. So to stop your audience from falling asleep, here are some easy ways to improve your

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Change your template

Changing the template you use on Powerpoint or Word is one of the best ways of improving these presentation resources. While it’s tempting to use the stock templates already included on these programs, they aren’t always the most inspiring. Your presentation should inspire and share information in a creative way. That way it will be more memorable and appealing to your audience. You can find dozens of sites online that provide attractive templates, images, and fonts that you can use. Some you will have to pay for, but others are free. They can help your presentation feel less basic and more thought out and considered.

Search for Powerpoint presentation on https://www.pinterest.com/ to see what you can discover. While the design is important, make sure the vital information is easy to read and clear.

Don’t overload your resources

No matter what kind of resource you use, make sure it is not overloaded with information. Your audience has to process both what you are saying and the information that is written down. This can be difficult to do if they have an essay to read on each page or slide. So read through the information before adding it to your presentation and choose the most relevant points. Use bullet points or short statements that highlight these points clearly and encourage your audience to make notes. This will give them the information and details they need quickly and with little effort.

Use data visualisation

The primary goal of giving a presentation is to share information with others. It could be test results, feedback or customer complaints for instance. Most people tend to write this information down onto Powerpoint slides or a Word Document. While there is nothing wrong with this method, data visualisation has been found to be more effective. Data visualisation involves the use of graphs, pie charts, and drawings to represent results or to showcase ideas. This can help you get the right information across quickly and in an appealing manner. The graphics are universally understood as they present the data in it’s most simplest form. They can also assist in predicting trends and potential issues. This can help make your presentation more informative. If you’re interested in finding out more about data visualisation, you can do some research online or visit a site such as http://centricdigital.com/ for more information.

With these ideas to help you, your business presentation resources will be given a brand new lease of life. You may also find that the feedback and outcomes from your presentation are also more positive and enthusiastic as a result.