Education has a function, is to train generations who will inherit what we have built. Teach to respect the environment is urgently needed.

It is no surprise to learn that the environment is in crisis and human survival on Earth is in grave danger. Speaking of ecology is not a new issue, the pollution and the prevailing climate change are the greatest incentive to reflect on the subject.

Detachment of human beings to the environment

What triggered the indifference and detachment of human beings in relation to the environment? Without wishing to fall into reductionism odious, we say that the concomitant factor is the loss of meaning. The ideals have been subverted in the pursuit of goals and constructs that go hand in hand with unbridled consumerism, the failure to respect the environment and the economic collapse caused by individualism and greed.


And environmental fate

Many linked to deterministic ideologies, prefer to believe that environmental problems are caused by the intervention of supernatural forces. As said Carlos Osorio , a professor at the University of Valle in Colombia, in a paper entitled “Ethics and Values ​​Education on Environment for the XXI Century”, ” Environmental problems are not the product of fate, are related to human intervention . ” Recognizing this fact has taken centuries. Many still do not, prefer to avoid the responsibility of knowing which is the same human being who has affected their habitat.

Education and environment

Education, as has been occurring since the Middle Ages on, there has improved a lot the matter. It has fallen into a mere accumulation of information believing the utopia of Francis Bacon: ” Knowledge is power . ” We are convinced that taking statements about reality, we would have control. Control, it was the concept of sovereignty and dominion, but bad owners, not properly cared for the property. The encyclopaedic has turned humans into zombies contemporary data. It has both, and yet so little. Today there is a kind of intellectual numbness to a wealth of history and facts that seem incomprehensible. Have information, but runs the risk of lack of wisdom. Data are available, but it suffers from a lack of sense. In many ways lack the ethical component for understanding the responsibility towards the environment human.

Educating for a New World

Humanity is going through a crucial time. Educating the human being to give a new vision of the world, not only for who is himself, but to feel part of a friendly and unthreatening. For centuries it has brought to the manipulation of the environment. Learn to take things to use them well. Discover to properly manage the resources we have. Must educate for awareness environment. The World Conference “Earth Summit” of 1992 in Brazil, left a bittersweet taste. The report said the world had reached a state of near exhaustion. The conclusion is that if humanity does not do something to correct the irresponsible use of resources, the planet’s future collapse.

In the document known as Agenda 21 , it was proposed that in order to have real change, there should be a revitalization of our core values ​​of all major traditions, including religious and philosophical. Hopes are pinned on education. To change the relationship with the environment is to educate a new man. Someone who sees their environment, not in terms of consumption and use, but knowing part of a fragile habitat that is necessary care and protection.

The role of education

Education in this context, presents three major challenges.

# Show the need to guide human action for justice.
# Show that nature can become a safe habitat, but humans must have a relationship of responsibility.
# Show that all humans are brothers. We are members of humanity and therefore we must respect, admiration and solidarity with each other.

You need to train a new human being to learn to live in a healthy environment and renewed.


Look to the education , is to look with hope alone can provide a real and permanent change in time. Not in the kind of education that conforms to fill minds of data and information, but an education built on the basis of respect and the pursuit of balance with nature.