Getting a good job is not really an easy task. There are different types of educational requirements for each job. Here we will focus on educational requirements to build your career goals.

Information Officer Educational Requirements

An information officer is someone who works for certain government organizations and they are responsible for the coordination of communications between that organization and the public.

An information officer may also be the spokesperson for that organization as well. You will need to be an organized and well-spoken person to perform this job successfully.

The California Association of Public Information Officials (CAPIO) is the oldest organization in the states available for information officers to obtain education and training in becoming the best information officer they can be. If you are interested in becoming an information officer, you should contact the CAPIO.

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In-Home Nurse Educational Requirements

If you would like to be able to help people who are disabled, elderly, or suffering from a terminal illness while they are in their home, you will need to go through a nursing program that is in an accredited school.

Once you are in school, you will need to take a course related to nursing that includes math and science course. You will also be required to go through several clinical studies as well.

Your state will have different requirements for what you should be able to pass on the state board exam for licensing.

Echocardiographic Sonographer Educational Requirements

If you are interested in a career as an echocardiographic sonographer, you will need to complete a two years associate’s degree and complete state certification which will mean taking the state certification exam. You will need to have knowledge of human anatomy and physiology as well.

In school for your degree in echo cardiac sonography, you will have classes in cardiovascular principles, sonographic instrumentation, and you will have plenty of clinical training. The work you will do will serve to aid doctors in diagnosing heart malfunctions and abnormalities by using sonogram technology.

Astronomer Educational Requirements

You must have a four year Bachelor’s Degree in Science before you can gaze into the heavens and get paid for it. You will need courses in astrophysics or physics.

Taking some chemistry and biology courses will help you along also. To be an astronomer, you will need to have plenty of patience and curiosity. You should be able to conquer mathematics and have the ability to pay attention to close details.

An astronomer should have a big imagination and be able to stand back and reflect on contemplating the study. An astronomer is basically a great thinker!

Artist Educational Requirements

Your first step in becoming an artist is to apply to a school that has a good art program to pursue graduate studies in art, business management, and techniques. Being an artist is a wonderful career that will allow you creative freedom.

You should begin going to openings of other artists and familiarize yourself with the ways you sell your art.

Another tip for being accepted at an accredited school of art would be to make a portfolio of your work. Most schools will require you to have a portfolio that contains samples of your best work.

Aerospace Engineer Educational Requirements

Start your career as an aerospace engineer with a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering. Undergraduate majors should be in astronautical, aeronautical, or aerospace engineering.

If the career you would like to have involved dealing with people’s lives or property, you will need to get licensed to do so.

To be a licensed engineer, you must have a minimum of four years of experience as an engineer, a degree from an accredited school, and you must be able to pass a state exam. For some jobs as an aerospace engineer, you will have to pass a security and background check.

Software Engineer Educational Requirements

You will need a degree in software engineering to become a software engineer. You should focus on classes that fall under general computer sciences such as programming, web design, operating systems, and data management.

Become an intern to start off at the bottom of the ladder of software engineering success. You should also work on some personal projects as well.

Building a portfolio of your expertise is a good idea to have when interviewing with prospective employers. Freeware programs are a great personal project that will test your skills in computer science and software engineering.

Physical Therapist Aide Educational Requirements

Becoming a physical therapist aide will require that you earn an associate’s degree in physical therapy assisting that will enable you to practice. With over 250 accredited physical therapy assistant programs in the United States, finding a program for you shouldn’t be a problem.

You will study the basic medical sciences and other general subjects that relate to human physiology.

Working as a physical therapist aide can be very rewarding because you will help people to literally get back on their feet after receiving traumatic physical damage that has restricted them from former physical activity.

Photographer Educational Requirements

Say cheese! If you want to become a photographer, you will need a high school diploma.

You will need to enroll in vocational training for photography that will involve two years of learning the basic techniques of photography, learning everything you’ll need to know about equipment for photography, and learning all the processes you’ll need to know.

To take your career as a photographer one step further, you can earn a Bachelor’s Degree to pursue and get jobs in photojournalism and scientific photography. Most four year colleges offer a degree that will teach you the business side of photography.

Systems Analyst Educational Requirements

Depending on the job you are after as a network system analyst will determine whether you want to get a Bachelor’s Degree or two-year associate’s degree in Computer Science and IT Technology. You should have broad background knowledge in the workings of computers and the same kind of knowledge about the Internet.

A network systems analyst can find employment by Internet Service providers, manufacturers of computer and electronic parts, and web search portals. Employment opportunities are on the rise for the network systems analyst and look to keep on going up.

Dental Hygienist Educational Requirements

For a dental hygienist to work in a dentist’s office you will need to earn your associate’s degree and if you want to work in a school or public health facility you will need a Bachelor’s Degree. Classes you will need are sciences like chemistry and biology, and math is a strong subject also.

You will also be required to pass a state exam for licensing that will include written and clinical portions. You will clean teeth and talk to dental patients about the proper kind of dental care to avoid cavities and tooth loss.

Customer Service Assistant Educational Requirements

The biggest requirement you should have to become a customer service assistant is to be adept at working with the public. You would do well to have a degree in public relations.

The duties that a customer service assistant will perform will involve possessing phone skills and being able to deal with all kinds of people who may be in all kinds of moods!

You should be able to calmly deal with customer-related problems that you will decipher before it gets to your manager. Being a customer service assistant is a great job for those who enjoy working with people.

Coroner Educational Requirements

Depending on where you live will determine what you will need to be a coroner. Each state and county has different criteria for their appointed coroners. You can pursue a criminal justice degree to become a coroner or start out by becoming a pathologist or medical doctor.

Being a coroner carries with it a heavy responsibility to the community where you work. You would be the first one called when a person dies suspiciously, and you would be the one to make the call whether that person’s death was by homicide, accidental, suicide, or natural causes.

Community Nurse Educational Requirements

A community nurse will work outside of the traditional hospital or clinical setting. Community nurses will perform patient teaching, preventative healthcare, and provide case management. A Bachelor’s Degree in Science is required.

You must obtain your RN license by completing your nursing program and then applying to take the state board of nursing exam. You may have to submit to a criminal background check and FBI fingerprinting in addition to taking the state board exam.

A community nurse will have unlimited employment opportunities in hospitals, health departments, and other healthcare-related positions that aren’t in traditional clinical settings.

Chiropractor Educational Requirements

One of the twenty-one chiropractic colleges that are accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education will get you started on your way to becoming a chiropractor. You must first have a college degree with a lot of science courses involved like biology, chemistry, and physics.

To obtain a D.C. degree, you must complete four years of additional school with the last year being spent practicing while under supervision.

You should take additional courses that concentrate on orthopedics and neurology as well. You should also know that you will need to take a continuing education course throughout your career as well.

Criminal Psychologist Educational Requirements

If you would like to able to delve into the minds of criminals and see what makes them tick, you will need to get your Doctorate Degree in counseling, clinical, or criminal psychology.

The time to earn a doctorate in these fields will take up to seven years. If you wish to specialize in criminal psychology, you will have to post-doctoral training for that area.

Working for one year in the field is required by some states in addition to holding a doctorate degree and you must be able to also pass a state certification exam.

Army Colonel Educational Requirements

The first step towards becoming an army colonel is, of course, join the army. Start with the attitude that you are going to exceed expectations and do well in your basic training. Make sure to choose a development program that will suit you and do your best at mastering the techniques of that program.

It takes exactly 17 years to become colonel material. Try to get a position as a platoon leader and get some experience in giving orders and leading a group. By your 10th year, you could be a major which is the first step to being Lt. Colonel.

School Maintenance Director of Educational Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a school maintenance director, you will need to have a high school diploma or G.E.D. A degree in public administration would be helpful.

You should be able to direct and manage custodial operations, take care of work orders for maintenance and repair of a building, and be able to maintain written records for maintenance, repairs, operations, and security of a building.

You should have basic knowledge of construction, school plant maintenance, and custodial operations. The main part of being a school maintenance director is to provide a safe environment for educational use.

Ornithologist Educational Requirements

If you want to become an Ornithologist, you must have a bachelor’s degree or a post-graduate degree in subjects such as biological sciences, ecology, environmental biology, or zoology.

As the routine works of an ornithologist involve studying the behavior, classification, conservation, ecology, and physiology of birds, you must be familiar with these areas.

In addition to the educational qualification and practical knowledge about the birds, an ornithologist must be a person that loves nature. Above all, self-motivation is an important criterion, as an ornithologist has to work very long periods on his/hers own in outback areas and carry on research.

Biochemist Educational Requirements

To become a biochemist, you must have at least a degree in biochemistry or a degree in chemistry (some organizations accept a degree in biological sciences or science with biochemistry is one of the major subjects).

However, a bachelor’s will be sufficient only for employments that involve the work of lab technicians or research assistants.

Biochemist positions in various biochemical industries require a master’s degree in biochemistry. Independent investigators that define and determine research programs should have a master’s degree or a Ph.D. in biochemistry.

The works that involve biochemical researches such as clinical studies and industrial studies require a Ph.D. degree in biochemistry.

Ophthalmologist Educational Requirements

You must already be a physician to become an ophthalmologist. After completing medical school, an ophthalmologist has to go four more years for more training. The first year of these four will be focused mainly on ophthalmology related courses, residencies, and clinical studies.

The ophthalmologists will be able to perform eye surgery and will be able to diagnose conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and retina diseases.

All resident training must be approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Becoming an ophthalmologist will take time, plenty of dedication, and want to help people see clearly.

Hungarian Students Educational Requirements

To acquire a secondary education in Hungary, the student must have completed a general school. Secondary education will help students to go for upper secondary level education.

This is the basic educational requirement for Hungarian higher education, which includes the degree courses offered in colleges and universities.

Students who intend to enroll in a higher institution must first pass through secondary education, pass the entrance examination, and finally add up the result of the entrance examination to the secondary educational achievements.

Finally, the students can attend the 0-grade and be admitted one year later, based on their performance at this grade. To study a master’s degree in Hungarian, the students must have the same educational requirement.

Gastroenterology Educational Requirements

To become a gastroenterologist (physician in gastroenterology) Gastroenterology is the course to study. You must have a four-year bachelor’s degree in science. Your next step should be to acquire a medical degree from an accredited medical school.

On successful completion of the medical degree, you must complete residency training in internal medicine, which normally takes up to three years.

Any individual who successfully completes the above-mentioned studies, can join the fellowship in gastroenterology; and depending upon the nature of the program and school, this may take about two to three years.

Engineering Psychology Education Requirements

Engineering psychology is available at different levels of graduation such as bachelor’s degree (BS or BA), master’s degree (MS or MA), or doctoral degree (EdD, Ph.D., or PsyD). Generally, to practice as a psychologist in the United States, one must have a doctoral degree.

However, in some states in the United States, a master’s degree holder is eligible to practice as a psychologist.

To obtain a bachelor’s degree, which usually takes up to 4 years, one must have passed high school. A bachelor’s degree is required for studying a mater’s degree in psychology, which usually takes 2 to 3 years. To undergo a doctoral degree, one must have a master’s degree in psychology. A doctoral degree may take 3 to 4 years to complete.

Military Officers Education Requirements

If you have the desire to become a military officer, you will need to have a high school diploma. You must have passed English and three other courses. If you do not posses these requirements, you may be able to take what is called the Alternative Equivalency Assessment test.

This test is to assess your level of education for employment in the military. You must be 21 years of age and be able to prove that you have experience in the work of life that relates to employment. If you have a police work background, this is helpful for applying in the Corps.

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