In Germany, there are too few male educators. And that (good) reasons.

When you study the job today, it is notable that many educators are particularly sought. In a few sectors, there are so many vacancies. And straight male educators is desperately looking for in nurseries and day care centers. Even in modern times, the proportion of male teachers just three percent. For this reason, projects and initiatives to be launched in order to win men for the job. But the success is not yet a legally. Why? What makes a professional educator for men so unattractive?


This is women’s work

The professional educator is a historically grown woman’s profession. Even hundreds of years ago was only of the nanny or governess talk. This was because the child’s upbringing was socially rooted purely for women. Although we all like to talk today about equality, but said that at such historically ingrained professions, still swinging the undertone of “typical women’s work” with, is the only player, tinkering. A demanding activity that is associated with a certain prestige, is not seen here. It is also often expressed that you really need for this work no more years of training, but a good gut feeling is crucial. But, who is not a “real” career suited decide in this profession. For very roll-and success-oriented men, it is therefore not eligible to take such a career.

As an educator, you can feed a family

Even today, many men have claimed to be considered as family providers. Accordingly, their claims to a level with which they want to feed their family. Teacher salaries are too low here they believe. But this is only partly true. Many educators bodies are designed for part-time. It does not guarantee that you can feed a family of four, is logical. However, one can find a full-time job pretty well to make a living. Indeed, an educator earned after ten years’ membership of an average of about three hundred euros net more than a studied a degree in education in education.

Prejudice child abuse

In the press there is hardly a day in which no reported cases of sexual abuse. And as perpetrators still primarily men are identified. There are also press-related cases of abuse by male teachers such as in the Walden School. Socially this has the consequence that male educators always under a general suspicion see. In nurseries, it is therefore even happens that the parents do not want their children or educators wrap accompany the toilet. From the perspective of the male educators of course this is very unpleasant and also unsatisfactory because they can not practice their work unhindered. In order to reduce these barriers are increasingly opting for training on reasonable proximity and distance carried out to the children. But this does not help really, as long as parents fear of misuse still have in the back of heads.