The video talks about Via Skype have increased tremendously in popularity over the past decade. Whether you are a recent graduate or a student looking for an internship abroad, there are high chances that sooner or later you will be asked to attend an interview via Skype. But regardless of who is the person you interview is vital to be ready to impress your future employer just as you would in a meeting “face to face”. To do this you need to be prepared to avoid the typical “traps” that involves an interview of this type. In this regard, we now see some useful tips to support an effective job interview via Skype.


1 Sort Surrounding Environment

Bring order to the room where you have to support the video-interview is one of the most common oversights and banal. If the background you will see a poster of Metallica, used underwear and an unmade bed, the probability of being hired will be zero! And not because the interviewers are not fans of the genre of heavy metal, but because they give the impression of being disorganized, lazy and listless. Opt instead for a neutral environment, possibly in the background without showing personal items. Remember that you will be judged according to your skill and not for your collection of works by Dostoevsky! Also, if you live with your parents or you have roommates, then you should tell them in advance what you will do and how important this is for you. This should ensure that your conversation is not interrupted or disturbed by anyone. The environment also should have a suitable brightness. Remember that the recruiter will see you right in the face!

2 Try Advance The Instrumentation and The Connection

Well, if you check in advance that the image on the screen is clear and the sound is crisp. The ideal would be to connect to at least one hour before, to experiment with friends and if you realize that the connection is slow or you have some problem with the pictures, quickly find a place that has an ADSL line faster. It would also be useful to prepare the documents to be sent in real time as the curriculum, or photos of previous work related or not to the occupation for which you are applying. It ‘also important to test if the sound from your computer functions well.

3 Dress Elegantly

Many tend to snub this aspect. Others tend to pay attention only to the top. However, even though it is an interview via web, remember that clothing always has its importance. Wear what you would do in a classic job interview. Including shoes, even though they often are an unnecessary detail seen the shot reduced.