Admission engineering

L ‘ admission to engineering provides an entry test, being an Engineering faculty in limited number for the law. In this regard it should be noted that the Faculty of Engineering provides for the registration, in addition to traditional tests in a single session at the beginning of the academic year, a new way of carrying out the test on-line, with one session each month. Therefore, you can take the test for admission to engineering in two ways:

In the presence, on paper, in a single session (usually in early September) according to the dates set by the individual faculties; online, through the PC, programmed in session (about one session every month). The online test is also open to students who have passed the state exam or members last or penultimate year of upper secondary education institutions. The candidates for admission to engineering can be lifted from the exams for admission, provided they have obtained the minimum approved each year by the faculty of interest.


Pr-requisites :

For admission to Engineering must demonstrate the following requirements:

* Basic knowledge of the English language
* Aptitude for logical reasoning
* Ability of verbal comprehension


Substances and specific topics that usually have to study for admission to Engineering are:

* Arithmetic
* Algebra
* Geometry
* Trigonometry
* Functions
* Statistics
* Physics


The test for admission to engineering serves to indicate, in addition to the skills of the candidates, any deficiencies in specific thematic areas. These deficiencies generally correspond to Additional Learning Requirements. The successful test for admission to engineering does not exclude the possible allocation of that can be recovered again supporting evidence for the sections not exceeded. However, if the test result is negative, the candidate is required to repeat the entire test in one of the sessions online or scheduled meeting in September. The test for admission to engineering that is exceeded without attribution of can not be repeated.