If England, Scotland, and Ireland are part of the European Union and adopted the LMD system that allows the standardization of qualifications across Europe, their university system and their diplomas retain some characteristics that it is necessary to know if you want to go and study in one of these countries. The system of English degree can be represented on two levels , the undergraduate level, before the first degree and thus the first output and the Postgraduate level that corresponds to the continuation of studies after the acquisition the first degree.

English degrees Undergraduate level:

The Bachelor: this is a degree of bac + 3 and the equivalent of the French license level. It offers 180 credits to enter the LMD system. Like the license, it offers a fairly general education according to the orientation of the student. On average, a student has four subjects per semester each giving rise to 2 to 4 hours per week. Personal work is essentially preparing Tutorials and reading books required by teachers for each subject. The specialties are numerous and allow each student to find his way. Most students still in Bachelor of Honor.


The Bachelor of Honor : This is a degree of bac +4 equivalent of French Master 1 level. It offers 60 additional credits from the Bachelor. This is the first real point out of college for English students. The student during the year retains its four subjects per semester corresponding to 2 to 4 hours per week, however the method of work is not exactly the same. Indeed, teachers focus more on the readers articles from authors and researchers rather than complete works, and the student must make a statement of some sixty pages at the end of the year, it either English or foreign student. The success of memory conditions graduation. Other degrees are obtained in 4 years and belong to Undergraduate cycle as the Master of Engineering, Master of Physics, Master of Mathematics and many others, as well as the Master appears. If the student continues after graduation, he accesses the Postgraduate level.

English degrees Postgraduate level:

Master of Science of Arts of: They exist many types of “Master of”, the above two are the most common. These are qualifications obtained in one year or two years after the Bachelor of Honor. They add between 60 and 120 ECTS credits. They are awarded to students with a high level of expertise in a particular specialization. In two years, they also provide access to the doctorate.

Doctorate: prepares two years after a Master’s already done in 2 years. It prepares the student to become a researcher teacher and made ​​him realize a thesis about two years. After this degree, the student is able to teach.
As in France, there are really opportunities for doctoral studies after the level reached. It is possible, however, to apply to universities as a teacher researcher to conduct research training in universities. Numerous aids are even available for this type of project.