The SENESCYT opened registration for college applicants and the evidence will be taken on Saturday 19 May.

Applicants to the university are preparing to attend the placement test for higher education generally.Previously, there was a discussion attended by about fifty thousand applicants, which was in February this year, where many of them had good results and the possibility of going abroad with a scholarship, other results were acceptable and failed to be elected to register for the career you want, but in another and the last group was the result not enough to be taken into account.


First comes the online registration process through the website of NANS , which are some months. According to the ninth digit of the card. Those with 1 and 2 as the ninth digit is inscribed on Monday, 3 and 4 on Tuesday, 5 and 6 on Wednesday, 7 and 8 on Thursday, 9 and 0 on Friday, 1,2,3,4 and 5 on Saturday and 6 to zero on Sunday. After creating the user (the ID number) and password, proceed to check personal and academic data of the applicant.


The applicant must choose at least five runs in the order of preference, choose the city and the institution where you would like to study. Also have to choose the place and surrender the premises where admission exam. After completing this, we proceed to print the registration form, which is the proof at presentation to take the exam. A part of this form must carry the identity card, passport or refugee status in case of foreigners, two B2 pencils and an eraser. It is forbidden to enter with backpacks, cell phones or other electronic device when taking the test.

After the process

After registration and examination process, applicants they gain enough qualification must run in the race for which they were selected in order to be accepted into universities. Currently there is approximately 130,000 registered candidates will perform the test on May 19, but is said to SENESCYT has approximately 25,000 places for applicants to the universities, which is the seventh of the number of applicants.


Many students who took the exam earlier in the month of February disagree on whether this measure is the best. Some have complained that the system is unfair because it does not always give the student the opportunity to choose the career you want, but gives another chance to register for selected races. As the system forces them to choose a minimum of five races, many choose to fill the other four, but they really want is the first and after the test is carried the unpleasant news that if they want to enter, should take another career other wanting. Others can not even be taken into account and should wait until the next process to retry gain entrance to a university.