Fake degrees in Dentistry sold at the price of EUR 25 thousand each. Qualifications counterfeit bore the heading of the State University of Tetovo, in Macedonia , and reached Italy. Traffic was discovered by the Macedonian police and immediately jumped to the headlines of the Balkan country.

The person in charge of the construction and sale of fake bonds – which was promptly informed the police also Italian – Macedonian was a thirty year old, who was arrested. During the raid in the house of the accused was discovered a veritable laboratory where they were printed the diplomas fake, along with a list of names which is presumed to be those of its customers .

According to reports in the local media, it seems that the educational qualifications counterfeit could be considered valid also in Croatia and also seems that, in addition to the false degrees in Dentistry, the thirty year old Macedonian traffic cases bogus certificates of competency to practice as a dentist.


The trafficking of fake degrees between Macedonia and Italy was discovered as a result of a complaint by a notary . The diplomas, in fact, were first made ​​by a sworn translator to translate and then sent to a notary for authentication. The latter, however, began to be suspicious of the regularity of degrees and informed the police. It seems that you are undergraduate degrees in dentistry have been authenticated, however, and may have reached Italy, while sixteen others were blocked by the Macedonian authorities.

The trade in counterfeit diplomas proves once again flourishing, in particular as regards those degrees (Dentistry, Medicine, etc) That open the doors to some of the professions considered more lucrative and attractive , and for which they are intended rigid selection criteria, which deprive many aspirates of the opportunity to log in to your dream job.

Many of those who fail to pass the test for admission to Medicine and Dentistry take the road of ‘ foreign . So many, it must be said, are in good faith and enroll to universities Romanians, Albanians and Spanish to get his degree as regular students, with the hope that the qualification can then be recognized in Italy. Others, however, aware of ‘do not have the numbers’ to become a doctor or dentist, choose the shortest way, that lawlessness, to the detriment of their future patients.