The Minister Giannini announced on Facebook: farewell test for admission to Medicine, from July to regulate access to the faculty will come new rules. But if the student unions sing victory and the majority of students welcomed or with real joy the decision, you can not say the same of Italian universities. The reactions of the rectors, in fact, I’m pretty worried.

According to the data and surveys that are circulating on the web, the students are strongly in favor of the decision of the Minister to review the procedures for the selection to medicine, access to which is now controlled by the admission test. Although the words Giannini still reigns, at least in part, confusion: there are those who admit not knowing the French model that the holder of the Ministry of Education has held up as an alternative, and those who had misunderstood the adoption of new rules for the abolition the number of participants.


And while the minister promises to unveil in July the new systems that will be adopted for admission to the university and student associations ask for a table of comparison, do not miss the suspicion that the move by the minister Giannini may be a maneuver election, announced its close to the European elections.

What is certain is that, even if the minister will keep its promises, it will end with him displease someone. Do not wait until it is in fact made ​​a strong opposition to the abolition of entrance exam in medicine by university rectors and Italian. They see the proposal of the Minister to adopt from next academic year, a pattern similar to that found in a French effect, which does not consider the reality of the facts.

The concern that emerges from the reactions of the academic world? That of a full-scale invasion by the students, in front of the universities were not ready to accept them. The problems would be logistical both organizational and functional: from classrooms available, university hospitals for internships, teaching to the difficulties that arise for teachers.

And if so far the minister did not consult anyone students or deans is hardly conceivable that it may act in solitary in building a system to replace the current arrangements for admission to Medicine. Before we really say good-bye to the test, therefore, it will take a necessary (and maybe not so short) phase of consultation between the various parties involved.