The decision to go into the field of law is a bold one. After all, this job is not as glamorous as one may be lead to believe. Typically, many believe that the law is encompassing. However, law is comprised of many different areas. Within these fields are experts and specialists. After all, no one is expecting one person alone to be completely with the entire area of law.

If you are considering going into the law profession, you will need to think about which area of law you would like to go into. There are many different kinds. It is worth remembering that your chosen academic institution will not expect you to know where you want your career to go. This is true within the first year. However, having a starting point of where you want your career to go will stand you good stead. This article will endeavour to help with your quest while searching your chosen law career path:


Health Law

For those that are keen to assist people with health issues, this may be the ideal field of law. You will be defending those that have been served an injustice at the hands of doctors and medical professionals. This isn’t the most lucrative area of law, but it is certainly the most worthwhile. If you have a passion for people, this is the perfect of study for you. You will learn about the different medical practices and what areas of law cannot be broken. This could be medical malpractice, or data issues.

Corporate Law

Corporate law is not for everyone. It involves working within big companies and helping them with their legal constraints. You may be subjected to writing contracts, assisting with clients and suppliers. You may have to be involved with various conversations when new contracts are taken on. As a corporate lawyer, you will also have to assist with HR issues. However, for many working in a corporate environment is the ideal environment for them. This is a lucrative and profitable career path for many. As a good place to start, read Corporations act books for a flavour of what you can expect from this area of law.

Academic Law

Academic law primarily revolves around teaching law. Of course, this can only be done with a wealth of law experience behind you. Academic law is the art of teaching law to wannabe lawyers. It is less Legally Blonde and more like papers. But, if you are keen to shape and mould young minds, this is the ideal route for you.

Environmental Law

Are you passionate about the environment? If so, then you could make the world a better place as an environmental lawyer. You will be standing up for the rest of the world and ensuring that the environment gets the deal that it deserves. You will be defending ocean oil spills, preserving forests and protecting endangered species. This is not a job for those that want wealth, but is great for those that want to make a real difference in the world.