It is quite difficult to access a postgraduate scholarship for the studies, competition and the demands are very high, but other means.

If today it was decided to graduate studies ( Masters or PhD ) is very complex to get to get a grant or contract made, due to strong competition between the candidates and the lack of economic resources in the institutions engaged in research. Therefore, as this is a fairly lengthy period, which can range from 4 to 8 years’ duration is necessary to ensure a range of income, but only serve for a small emancipation or for the costs of it.

Possibility of obtaining loans or grants for studies of graduate

There are aids, such as the famous college loan income, provided by the Ministry of Education, to support people interested in conducting these studies but did not have a funding for this purpose. It is up to a maximum of EUR 28,800, divided into monthly payments and two annual amounts can be up to 6,000 euros. To achieve this, you must meet certain requirements to ensure that money is being spent for this purpose (otherwise, one could understand that this is a great loan conditions). Not surprisingly, the period expires when the funds run out for it or when the deadline is met, it is a permanently open call.


Conditions to cover the loan applicant income for college

First, be in possession of a university degree (bachelor or master, in the case of PhD) that allow access to such studies. Furthermore, it is not necessary to declare the possession of such title and approved for implementation by the director or directors. Similarly, it is necessary to show tuition and the price of it.

Red tape to get the loan

It is necessary to submit documentation to the Ministry of Education by certified mail and wait until it is received and considered in each case. If there is a lack of documentation, communicating via e-mail and give a very short cure period (approximately ten days). Then, if the process continues, and has not spent any time or have missed some documentation, you must go to the document evidencing the loan to a banking agreement attached to these loans. Most remarkable, though, and good you may have this aid is that it is not necessary provide a guarantee for return because it is assumed that when passing the qualifying period will be ready to return.

Terms of repayment of loan

The dates and times vary from one call to another. For the current case, this is a period of lack of 4 and 6 years for amortization. Another remarkable aspect is that it is required to reimburse the same if the rent holding at the time the borrower exceeds $ 22,000 per year, enterprise rather complicated with the times, if not the student (or rather alumnus) is exempt from the return thereof.