With thousands of scholarships available in the world, find one that you can succeed in obtaining very similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Here are some tips to facilitate your research!

Search your scholarship to study abroad:

Start your search as soon as you can. Deadlines for making folders foreign universities are often in January / February of the previous year. Do not hesitate to start your search for scholarships in the month of September! Then try to find criteria that suit you. Make a list of criteria that you define and that can lead to a scholarship (art student, a researcher, a young entrepreneur, unemployed). French as a student, you can do your research both in France and in the host countries or potential, leveraging all the more your chances of getting a scholarship. Once your criteria found, try searching the internet with these criteria or on specialized sites.

If you are a student or already used alternately, consider the possibility to finance part or all of your study abroad by your company. This solution often involves young employees where the company sees a potential. Look also obviously on the side of French scholarship , namely the regional stock exchange, the departmental bursary and scholarships CROUS. Certain associations or French groups also offer scholarships for students going abroad to study so look everywhere!


Some Pitfalls to find a scholarship:

Do not aim too wide anyway! looking for scholarships takes time, try to restrict any scholarships that you can potentially have, and therefore the minimum criteria sticking with you. look the ratio between the number of applicants each year and the number of scholarships available to give you an idea of the chances of obtaining. Make attention to stress also may cause a scholarship , namely compulsory internships subsequently volunteer. Once accepted the award, take the money but also the conditions that go with it! For the best students, the process is often facilitated with the many scholarships available in France and abroad, but beware, they are often very limited.