Today’s students and graduates, as companies recognize the value of an experience abroad. Depending on your goals, there are various ways to find an opportunity internship abroad.

Internship abroad under agreement or not:

As part of your studies an internship is often recommended see mandatory in certain sectors, even if you decide to go study abroad. In most cases, a contract called “internship agreement” was signed between the school of the student, the student and the host company, although in some countries such as the United Kingdom, the internship agreements are less well known in France. Convention for an internship is not a mandatory part of your research internship abroad.

The side of the employer, he will appreciate a candidate with more professional experience and will focus on projects and results obtained during the positions that the candidate has been busy. Do not hesitate to highlight these results forward your CV to enhance and make more concrete your experiences in the world of work.


Start looking for an internship abroad:

Market placements for students has become very competitive, and it has become quite difficult to find an internship matching your expectations. More than a regional competition, students are faced with a national and even international competition in large cities and capitals. Given this situation, all avenues should be explored! Schools and universities have agreements with many companies and business groups to accommodate trainees. The good news is that these agreements can be international in these cases and offer exciting opportunities to start an international career.

Other university programs offer scholarships sponsored by the Leonardo da Vinci program of the European Union and managed by the universities. You can also search for a personal and private companies offer an unsolicited application. On the internet there are many internship offers in several areas of the world are shown in the recruitment of each site.

Some agencies language courses offer placements in companies abroad including research and business experience relevant to your goals, accommodation, Visa … A handy solution when you have no knowledge of the country you want to go and you do not have the time or the courage to take the steps and research alone.