Sector and Digital Marketing in Australia is growing and continues to offer more opportunities. If the overall positive development is relatively small, it has the merit to exist and always open more opportunities for international students wishing to complete an internship in the Marketing in Australia. We therefore offer a compilation of many sources of internships and jobs in Australia to find the course that suits you!

Sources of information and training for an internship in Marketing:

The portals in Marketing in Australia are many and they are sources of information and offers useful training in your research.

Marketing Industry Associations: The association of agencies and companies specializing in Marketing in Australia. A directory is available, giving you access to contact a hundred companies.

The Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand: An interesting portal bringing together a wealth of information for your career in Marketing in Australia. The magazine and portal leader in Australia for the latest news on the media, digital, marketing and public relations information. Job offers and internships are also available on the site. A magazine dedicated to Marketing in Australia, with an area of “jobs” unfortunately too little provided offers.


Australian Marketing Institute: An institute bringing together many members interested in the middle of Marketing. These members can call the organization to find an internship in Australia, access to the service, however, is paying.

Content Marketing Institute: Organization specializing in training and practices of marketing and especially in the same content of tenders and publications. One hundred offers are published monthly in the ” Content jobs . ”

Public Relations Institute of Australia: The organization representing public relations professionals in Australia.

Internships in the Web Marketing and Digital Marketing in Australia:

Digital Marketing always gets more importance in Australian business , and opportunities abound for students who have their specialty!

Digital Ministry Australia: An information portal trades digital and mobile marketing, with many job opportunities and internships.

E consultancy: website offering extensive information and advice strategy for Digital Marketing Business Portal. Part of the “jobs” includes dozens of opportunities each month.