Jobs in the security market are constantly evolving. With an increasingly volatile globe most companies will be in need of your services. Whether you choose to protect the oil and gas industry from pirates or you are an electronics expert, your services will be in constant demand.

Training is essential

If you’ve always wanted a maritime-based job and you possess the qualities of courage and mental agility then the area of international maritime security is expanding and might be for you.

Maritime Security Courses will give you a chance to test your passion and you’ll also be able to make contacts that will help you in the future. Training is essential for any role in security and the better qualified you are the more likely you’ll be able to land the role that you desire. A Security Industry Authority (SIA) qualification is a vital first step for any role in the security industry.

Security vetting

Many of the top jobs in the security industry will need you to prove that the Criminal Records Bureau has vetted you, and this is just the basic level of clearance.

Developed Vetting (DV) is the highest accreditation, and if you receive this endorsement you’ll have a wide range of career options. If you chose to work overseas, you should always research job requirements before you apply for a security role. Alternatively, you could contact a global security company, and have a general chat with the HR department.

Protecting the public

If you enjoy working outside, and like variety in your daily life, then you can always sign up with an events recruitment agency. You may find that you are guarding a prize racehorse at Aintree one day, and then looking after the crowds at an international political event on another.

Go direct to employers

Recruitment agencies don’t usually offer roles in MI5 or GCHQ or the CIA. If you have skills in electronics, or language or want to be a specialist security guard, then go directly to these organisations’ websites. You can have a look at the range of jobs on offer, and some departments even allow you to carry out a short online test, where you can assess your skills. You won’t have to wear dark glasses and a trench coat for this role, but you will be employing your talents in the protection of national security.