Each student is during the academic years having to store and recall a wide range of knowledge and information. That is why the memory (as well as a study method effective, good logic and reasoning skills) is one of the main tools for achieving good results.

Often, however, it makes the mistake to tie the results mnemonics only to the quantity of the study, but in most cases it is not so. The method of study and application, in fact, are just some of the tools to improve their memory. The brain, like the body, needs to be trained and taken care of and it is in this way that you get the best results for your memory. Shown here are 5 tips to improve learning, to be applied especially when preparing sessions intense scrutiny, but also in everyday life.

1) Learning general : always managed to keep the memory is a fundamental constant scope. Beyond the study so real you may want to memorize simple data everyday (telephone numbers, codes, poems).


2) Sleep : who sleeps little is more difficult to remember, because during the night the brain elaborates and organizes the information learned during the day.

3) Power supply : a balanced diet helps keep the brain in shape. Foods particularly suitable are: blueberry, broccoli, nuts and citrus. You also need to drink a lot, a slight dehydration can make the memory less reactive.

4) Gymnastics : memory training exercises of all kinds, even playful. In addition to the repetition of concepts aloud even games like chess and checkers can keep your brain trained and help you stay in shape.

5) Organization : take notes, outline the concepts, associate images with concepts helps rote learning, it also develops the visual and associative memory.

In addition to these simple tips are articulated and professional courses and manuals about complex methods carried out by professors and experts mnemonic. So those who want to improve their memory performance after applying these simple tips can go deeper through these tools.