In all, 12,976 of the foreign students in the academic year 2013-2014 were enrolled in Italian universities. And prefer the University of Bologna, who won first place in the 2014 ranking of the special universities that attract more young people from abroad. Of course, the international presence in university classrooms of our country are still scarce, but something is slowly moving.

Increasing the attractiveness of international is one of the key objectives of the rectors and MIUR, especially in times like the present, characterized by a striking decrease in freshmen of Italian nationality. Among the universities, one that so far has managed to present itself better than all the young people across the border as the target is desirable to continue his studies in Bologna. The Alma Mater wins the top spot of Italian universities with the most foreign students in 2014 thanks to its 899 international students. The Bachelor Favorite? Economics and business management, which has 112 students non-Italians.


The second place in the ranking of Italian universities with the most foreign students in 2014 entitled, however, to the University of Milan , with its 841 international members, who choose mostly undergraduate courses in Modern Languages ​​and Cultures (148) and linguistic mediation and cultural (112). On the third step of the podium finishes La Sapienza of Rome, which boasts 817 foreign students, mostly concentrated in Modern Languages ​​and Cultures (118) and Health Professions, Nursing and midwifery (75).

In the ranking of Italian universities with over 2014 students there is also room for the University of Florence and that of Turin, tied for fourth with 715 international members, followed in order from Polytechnic University of Turin (713), University Genoa (507), Padua (437), Milan-Bicocca (398) and the Polytechnic of Milan (353). The top ten of the most international universities Italian closes with Roma three, which has 327 students from abroad.

The real surprise in the ranking of Italian universities with the most foreign students in 2014 is not to be found among the top ten universities preferred by young international no institution private . The first non-state university in the ranking is the Catholic University of Milan, thirteenth, and the Bocconi University, who also always very good place in the world rankings, with its 278 registered foreigners, it is only in sixteenth place.