The steps are to begin about 9 months before the date of departure, in order to meet the deadline to register for Belgian universities, and not enough time. Each Belgian establishment can accommodate only 30% of non-residents in training medical type to avoid massive foreign students at the expense of local students registration.

1. Subscribe to the University in Belgium (January-March)

Each facility in Belgium has a service admissions and enrollment. It is therefore advisable to directly contact the service after finding their details on the website of the institution, in order to know exactly which documents to be provided in your registration . Generally, you must send your registration by mail or Internet if the university allows the following documents:

Your notes of higher education
Your notes the last two years of high school if you apply after the tray
Your diplomas of higher education
Several passport photos
A letter in French.

For more information, please see the articles on ” The equivalencies in Belgium “or” The university fees in Belgium “, which are important to consider when registering points.


2. The letter of admission and other procedures

Once the file is sent to the university of your choice, you will receive a letter confirming your admission or not in the industry and the university requested within three weeks to a month. Given that you are a French citizen and that you know (normally) language, no test to pass at this level, and for the student visa is not required for citizens of the European Union. The registration procedures in Belgium are very simple in that you are doing in your native language. In case you want to join training in English, a language test IELTS or TOEFL kind you will be asked by the university to validate your language level.

3. Registration for the establishment of your choice

Once the different responses, you must make a choice between the institutions you have admitted to one of their training. Perhaps some will require additional conditions to be admitted as getting the degree you are currently studying or get a certain score on a test of language. Once these requirements met, you can contact the hotel to confirm your registration. The final validation is done once the registration fees paid to the university.