China is a country that has made ​​great strides in recent years in the field of higher education, more and more students and professionals wishing to train in universities with significant resources and a strong international dimension. Students wishing to enroll in universities in China have two complementary solutions. The first way, which is recommended for your convenience, is to go through CUCAS system , which allows you to register online at six different universities all being guided step by step. The second solution is to simply sending a file via the website of each university to which you want poster. all cases, the files must be sent between January and December of the previous year to be on time.

1. Sign universities on record (December / January):

Enrollment in universities and courses you want can be done in two ways. It is possible to apply individually to each university by downloading the registration form on the website of each one, or register via the website CUCAS , which allows to apply from January to June formations and different universities in a simplified manner, by guiding you step by step. The first solution is the most recommended, but also one that could take advantage of all the others. It is likely that within a few years, almost all university enrollment in China do through CUCAS site , for reasons of convenience.


Necessary documents during enrollment in Chinese universities are mostly:

* Your diplomas of higher education
* The baccalaureate
* Your results in the previous year
* A letter of motivation
* A letter of recommendation from a teacher
* A letter of recommendation from a company (whether professional experience)

2. The test of Chinese language or English (fluent the year):

Level required in Chinese, if you want training provided in that language, you have to pass a specific test, attesting to your level for any other training that learning language on site. For more information on requirements, go to ” The requirements for training in Chinese in China. If you do not want to study Chinese but in English , you must pass the tests of TOEFL or IELTS and prove that you have a sufficient level at the same height as the English universities, a score of 80 TOEFL and at least 800 TOEIC .

3. Obtaining Visa “X” for students:

Once the records returned, you must wait a notice of entry of the universities that if the answer is positive, you will send the visa application forms. Take approximately one month for this step. At the visa if your course lasts more than 6 months, apply for the visa “X” for students visa if the “F” or “L” will suffice.