Since its inception in the 1960s, the University of Haifa has been a leading academic institution. This premier learning facility proudly serves Mount Carmel and the greater country of Israel. It also attracts students from around the world. That’s why it’s no surprise that many graduates of the University of Haifa go on to do great things, serving in education, business, government and the sciences. While every graduate is well equipped for the future, here are four of its most famous alumni.

1. Yochanan Vollach: Vollach is best known as an Israeli footballer. He was part of the Israeli team that competed at the FIFA World Cup in 1970. He won many accolades during his football career, but he found just as much success off the field. With a degree in history and political science, Vollach went on to serve in the IDF before moving to the corporate sector. He has served as the president of Zim, a noted shipping company. He is part of the Maccabi Haifa sport organization, where he serves as president. As if all that was not enough, Vollach has a position with the Chamber of Shipping in Israel.

2. Meir Dagan: Born during the Holocaust in 1945, Dagan had a difficult childhood. His parents brought him to Israel, where they lived in an immigrant camp for several years. Dagan worked hard and served in the IDF. His skills and knowledge were so good that he was eventually appointed as Director of the Mossad, Israel’s equivalent to the CIA. Even after he left his political positions, Dagan was noted for his outspoken comments on everything from Iran to internal politics.

3. Ronen Bergman: Bergman is a regarded investigative journalist whose career has been vibrant and vast. Bergman has written for numerous publications, including the New York Times, Newsweek, The Guardian and more. Currently, he serves as a senior analyst for Yedioth Ahronoth, which is Israel’s largest daily newspaper. With a specialty in politics, Bergman also lectures frequently. He’s also written four books, all of which did extremely well in Israel and abroad. Bergman is commonly recognized because he serves as a news anchor on Israeli television while also appearing as a guest correspondent on Al-Jazeera and other international networks.

4. Ashraf Barhom: Born in 1979, Barhom spent his childhood in a small village in Galilee. As a boy, he showed an aptitude for the performing arts, and he participated in school plays. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in theatre and arts, which has served him well as he advances his acting career. He has a growing list of credits, though he received critical acclaim for his work in “The Kingdom” alongside American actor Jamie Foxx. Other prominent credits include “Clash of the Titans” and the 2011 adaptation of “Coriolanus.”

These alumni are just the start. From politics to fine arts, University of Haifa graduates are prepared for just about anything.