Free Degree… in the cafeteria. Do you want to join university but can not afford to pay taxes ? One idea would be to work at Starbucks . But only in the U.S. for now. Thanks to an agreement with the University of Arizona, the famous chain was born in Seattle will pay for his studies in any of its employees in the United States – in total more than 135 thousand sign up for the courses online of the university.

The initiative is dedicated to the patronage of Starbucks surprised many. The chain of cafes, in fact, is the first company to offer to pay full tuition fees for their employees and without placing limitations. Total freedom on the choice of degree course among the many that make up the courses offered online at the University of Arizona and no commitment to remain in the company over a number of years. In addition, new employees are included among the beneficiaries.


Surprise? Yes, of course. But, contrary to what you would like the cliche of chains and fast food, Starbucks company policy includes a good dose of the welfare of its employees. With so much health insurance including expenses for dental and eye care even for those who work part-time for economic assistance when they decide to adopt a child and stock options, or the right for workers to buy company shares at an agreed price.

The company does not fear that, after paying the taxes for their employees who enroll at the University of Arizona, they decide to leave after getting a degree for free? The chairman of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, is skeptical: “Even if they did, I think the benefits would still be decisive. Greater availability, greater satisfaction, greater productivity. And in the end probably the best decide to stay.”

And for employees of non-US locations to Starbucks? For now, no news of similar initiatives in the chain outside the USA. But who knows, in time to other countries may be possible to get a degree for free.