Internet offers many free classes and all other sources of online learning

He who does not learn is because it wants. Challenging outdated rigid schedules and lesson plans for many colleges and traditional schools, online courses are suggested as the ideal choice for those who want to train at their own pace on the topics that interest you most. Here we review some of the best specialized websites that offer free courses.

Course, free to attend top schools is an indispensable portal that collects, every day, some of the best courses offered by prestigious universities in the world and puts them on-line available to all Internet users. The universities of Stanford, where precisely this portal-born, Princeton or Michigan are two of the centers whose lessons appear prominently in Course. Readings and high quality videos in a doorway with a strong pro social and collaborative learning.


Udacity, high level courses virutales

Like the above mentioned project, Udacity born thanks to some professors at Stanford University. In Udacity find free classes taught by some of the best teachers around the world on programming languages ​​and computer, basically.

Udemy, professional courses

Undoubtedly, Udemy is one of the best platforms currently available about online courses is concerned. In the portal Udemy find hundreds of courses to suit all tastes. Anyone can subscribe to the courses that interest them, which include all types of audiovisual support. Although many of the courses are extra, Udemy also has a lot of completely free courses, which cover almost every subject imaginable, including online marketing, social networks , search engines, Internet entrepreneurship, programming, SEO , design web development applications and many more. If you wish, Udemy enables us to become teachers and create a course on the subjects mastered.

AulaClic, free computer courses

Aulacic is a portal also worth pointing out, given the number of computer courses in Castilian that provides for free access.

Video Tutorials, tutorials in Spanish

Finally, the blog video tutorials acts as curator of collections of content or a good selection of video tutorials and Castilian, predominantly those dedicated to information technology and online marketing. It also has its own Youtube channel . As you can see, training on any subject is, thanks to the Internet, available to anyone wishing to absorb knowledge in a self-taught and free.