Despite the lack of job opportunities, the individual must find alternatives that enable it to get good jobs and better quality of life.

Today, it is sad and frustrating to realize the level of unemployment that exists both nationally and globally, which affects the whole population, from young graduates of the university to people who have been 10, 15 or 20 years service in one company and that a situation of “downsizing” are written off.

Why is this the case?

In the case of Mexico, the reality is daunting and sometimes cruel, and that while most colleges have an excellent academic level, there are others with huge gaps in curricula that do not provide a comprehensive and appropriate tools and requirements for students to be productive people within companies, according to the London magazine The Times . So it is useless to instruct thousands of graduates if the country did not request. The unemployment problem affects everyone: young and old, men and women, regardless of race or religion. Today this phenomenon has been further strengthened and is reflected in society as having a good education is no guarantee of anything.


It is both ironic and disturbing to realize that the degree is insufficient to find a good paid work, specialized studies are required in addition to the accreditation of graduate accurate way to enter the competitive workforce. So many times, failing to find work, young people are forced to depend economically on their parents or seek work outside their field of study. And to quote Gary S. Becker, Nobel Laureate in Economics 1992: ” No country can achieve sustainable growth without a significant degree of investment in human resources . ” According to the magazine Este Pais, the expert Maria Elena Cardero and Guadalupe Espinosa, professor at the UNAM and independent consultant respectively, saying that it is essential that the Mexican economy generated 30 million formal jobs over the next 20 years and used to future generations who will join the labor market.

Online courses for graduates

Choosing a career is not an easy task, especially when you know that the future will depend even more so when you finish the race and it’s time to seek employment. Most young people do not have much experience but want to learn. However, companies want young people of 23 years with extensive experience.Unfortunately there are many qualified young people who are forced to choose low-paid only by the need to make money, leaving zero expectations for their future life. For that reason, here are a series of online courses to keep up, know, understand and learn how the business world:

# Sport
# Town planning
# Computers and Technology
# Business
# Management development
# Human Resources
# Masters or postgraduate
# Vocational
# Languages

Free training online for unemployed

With people aged between 40 and 60 years, the result is the same, as are people with great ability and who are missed by low quality jobs. However, they can access some online courses with which they can expand their knowledge in various areas:

# Design (Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver)
# Finance
# Education and teaching
# External trade
# Marketing and public relations
# Sales
# Renewable energy

Virtual courses that companies use

Large corporations also do the same, that is, made several calls to their employees to attend various courses and thus enable them to know what to do with any disagreement or conflict in the work of office.Among the most common are:

# Environmental Auditor
# Management in the prevention of occupational hazards
# Administrative management in labor relations
# Derivatives Safety Conditions
# Payroll and labor
# Management skills
# Executive Training
# Accounting

In short, the courses are used to learn and / or improve certain skills you have forgotten, these being some options to expand knowledge and become outstanding individuals.